Maritime Crewing Company
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We provide services like:

  • Training of crewmembers of marine vessels, mobile offshore units personnel as wel as offshore specialists in accordance with national and international requirements and Qualification examenations during certification process
  • Search and selection of qualified professionals for all types of vessels,
  • Pre-employment testing,
  • Registration of ship roles and registration of seaman’s passports,
  • Full or partial manning,
  • Administration crew
  • Execution of documents of national flags,
  • Visa support / arrangements,
  • Organization of transfer,
  • Calculation and payroll.
  • Supply of uniform clothing,
  • Travel arrangements,
  • Insurance.

In the selection of maritime professionals, all candidates go through a rigorous interview process with Crewing Manager , where we check experience, competence, health, knowledge of the English language.

Crewing agency quickly and securely authenticates the documents provided by seafarers by direct requests to the appropriate service, when required.

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